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Dental Care


You are a responsible pet owner. You take good care of your pet. But do you always remember to take care of your pet's teeth? Our vet dentist has specialized training to provide the best veterinary dental services for your pets.

Pets have dental diseases and problems just like you do. Many of these problems can be avoided by bringing your pet to your veterinarian for regular veterinary dental check-ups and dental cleanings.
Dental disease can be avoided with the right combination of home care and professional dental exams.


Give Your Pet Complete Dental Care

Annual veterinary dental care and home dental care will help keep your pet's breath fresh and gums and teeth healthy. Your pet's smile and healthier life will be equaled by your smile and pride in a job well done.


View our Dental Care Frequently Asked Questions for more helpful information on keeping your pet's mouth healthy.


Signs of Cat & Dog Dental Problems

Dental Cleanings

Pre-Dental Workup

Home Prevention